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Worshiper of Jesus.  Mother and wife. Singer and songwriter. Newly released “Satisfied” music album.  Movie Executive Producer at Blaze Productions. Former volunteer spokesperson and opening act for Pre-Born! (PB) sponsorship concerts for 13 years.  My heavenly Father receives all the credit and glory for everything good that is happening! Joyce debuted with the hit song and twice viral music video for "What Was Your Name."

"Joyce Bartholomew has a gift from God in her singing. She has been using that gift to serve the pro-life cause in a beautiful way which causes people to recommit themselves to protect the children in the womb. I recommend her highly."

-Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life; President, National Pro-life Religious Council

 "Joyce Im Bartholomew captivates the music world with her compassion and artistry to protect the lives of the unborn. Her message of truth impacts the culture and resonates around the world. We are honored to know Joyce and are privileged to advocate alongside of such a powerful, independent Christian recording artist for the Pro-Life movement."
David and Jason Benham

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