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Music with a message, critically acclaimed.

Singer and songwriter Joyce Im Bartholomew is a talented musician, mother and ProLife activist, committed to worshipping Jesus, spreading the word of God and speaking out for the pre-born through her music. Singing since she was eight years old, Joyce didn’t receive the call to write and perform her own songs spreading the Christian message until later on in life. Open, warm, and loving she is dedicated to inspiring others to walk the path of righteousness.

Joyce has recorded three critically acclaimed albums including Songs From the Deep, and What Was Your Name. Much to the delight of her fans, she has released her third album entitled The Unveiling and debut music video Battle is Spiritual.

The music video broaches the heart wrenching struggles of those involved in the opioid crisis which has currently engulfed our country. Her musical style is often bright and uplifting, however her latest album will take on a darker, more serious tone to reflect the depth and gravity of its content. 

The subjects of her songs and accompanying videos touch on many difficult topics. It is Joyce’s hope that both by sharing her own struggles and experiences with these difficult subjects and bringing the spiritual battles others face into the light, people will see that they are not alone and God is always with them. The song “Fight For Our Marriage” explores overcoming difficulties in marriage, “Humble Me” talks about letting go of pride, and “God Made You Beautiful” focuses on promoting a positive self-image for young girls—just to name a few. One of her most highly acclaimed songs, “Please Forgive Me” was awarded Christian Broadcasting Network’s Platinum Award for Best Music Video Director and Honorable Mention for Best Music Video Production. 

Joyce is also a passionate spokesperson for pro-life organization, Pre-Born!, and has written several songs in support of this cause. She had the honor of performing at the 2019 March for Life and regularly performs at Pre-Born! sponsorship concerts. In addition, half of the proceeds from her music are donated to Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers found throughout the country. 

Her love for Jesus, passion in supporting the causes she cares about and the depth of her songs have garnered her a healthy following. Joyce currently resides in Naples Florida with her husband and two children. Humble and grateful she fees truly blessed by her past and future opportunities to spread His word. 

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