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Pre-Born! - Joyce Im Bartholomew
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Pre-Born! - Kirk Cameron
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We place the highest priority on prayer for the mission, the unborn, and our Centers we work with. We have a prayer room with dedicated intercessory staff purposed to be a prayer furnace that impacts the national efforts we engage in.


Through the generous hearts of our ministry friends, Pre-Born! assists Pregnancy Clinics and Centers in fulfilling their mission through grants of the following:

  • Underwriting ultrasound sessions for young mothers.

  • Cash grants for new ultrasound machines.

  • Grants of reconditioned ultrasound machines.

  • Nurse training for Centers using RDMS certified instructors.

  • Evangelism grants to Centers through ``The Invitation`` training.


Pre-Born! Centers lead the nation in the percentage of patients who come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour. We train PRCs to use a God-centered strategy of leading women to the Lord through ''The Invitation`` Training seminars. These equip Centers to be much more effective in leading women to Jesus. We reinforce the principles taught in ``The Invitation`` Training through grants for Bibles, tracts and counseling.

We have helped thousands of women CHOOSE LIFE. All stories are made possible because of our wonderful supporters.

Donate today to help us give the hope of life to an unborn child. We offer many ways to donate to Pre-Born!.

We put on events of all sizes, ranging from concerts to dinners. All of our events are to help raise awareness for our mission.

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